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Hands on the Land students

Funding Opportunity: Hands on the Land 2018 Mini-Grants

NEEF in partnership with Partners in Resource Education will award a total of $65,000 to Hands on the Land sites to support their efforts to deliver high-quality placed-based environmental education and green STEM programming that is aligned with national K-12 education standards.
To be eligible for these grants, school-public land or water site partnerships must be HOL members.

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Hands on the Land
                                        Expedition Toolkit

Featured Resource: Learning Expedition Toolkit

Make your next field experience a learning expedition. This guide is designed to assist in planning an instructive and memorable outing that incorporates best practices of outdoor environmental education.
The toolkit proceeds step-by-step from planning, to conducting, to presenting place-based projects. Additional resources and tips are suggested. Supplemental activities that develop goal setting, leadership, and team building skills are also included.

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Fall in the Field at
                                        Cascade-Siskiyou National

Featured Program: Fall in the Field

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument’s Fall in the Field program is the capstone project for graduate students in Southern Oregon University's graduate program in Environmental Education. Each year, graduate students prepare, design, and present the program. This includes lesson plan development, marketing the program to area schools, and business/managerial components. All lessons were taken from the Oregon State science curriculum and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Mammoth Cave. Photo credit: Nate Morguelan

Featured Site: Mammoth Cave National Park

With over 400 miles of mapped cave passages and no end in sight, Mammoth Cave National Park is known for having the longest cave in the world. Over 100 species of insects can be found in the depths of Mammoth Cave and the underground rivers are home to animals with some very special adaptations. The biodiversity of this area makes it so special that we are considered an International Biosphere Reserve.

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PIAEE and PEYA award

Featured Awards: Apply Now for PIAEE and PEYA

The EPA’s annual PIAEE and PEYA award programs recognize outstanding K-12 teachers and students.
Six PIAEE winners receive up to $2,500 to further their professional development in environmental education. Each winning teacher's local education agency will also receive up to $2,500 to fund environmental education activities and programs.

Each PEYA award-winning student project team or individual receive a Presidential plaque. All qualified applicants will receive a certificate honoring them for their efforts to protect human health and the environment.

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Kids to Parks Day

Featured Contest: Kids to Parks Day

National Park Trust invites students across the country to participate in the 8th annual Kids to Parks Day, a nationwide grassroots movement to celebrate America's parks and public lands and waters.

The contest awards grants up to $1,000 to cover transportation, park-related fees, stewardship supplies, or anything else students believe would enhance their experience.

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NEEF Education Program
                                        Office Robert SendreyEditor's Note

It is the Partners in Resource Education’s intention to foster interactions among HOL members to build relationships as a resource in order to quickly solve problems, share knowledge, and make further connections that result in a shared sense of identity as HOL members.

Going forward the HOL newsletter will strive to be a valuable resource for people who find it useful to learn from each other by making sense of and addressing challenges they face individually and collectively. 

In addition to the new format, we are experimenting with mailing systems. As a result you may receive two copies of the newsletter. Please check your spam/junk mail folder for the second copy. Suggestions for improvement and feedback are welcome. Please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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