Ozone Plant Visualization

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Choose a Garden at above and updated plant options will become available. Then press Graph after the correct plant is selected.

Foliar Area Injury Survey: 1 = 0%, 2 = 1%-6%, 3 = 7%-25%, 4 = 26%-50%, 5 = 51%-75%, 6 = 76%-100% (NPS scale)
Definitions: C = chlorosis (yellowing), P = purpling (stippling), N = necrosis (death of leaf tissue), L= leaf loss code. If you enter a 6 for necrosis or any value under "L", carry over the previous weeks rating for C & P. Leaf Set = total number of leaves on the entire plant. Leaf Pair (A and B) is for those plants that have leaves opposite one another i.e. milkweed. Use column A only if leaves are not in pairs.
Leaf Loss codes: 7 = leaf fell off with no rating higher than 1, 8 = leaf had prior C but no P, 9 = leaf had prior P but no C, 10 = leaf had prior P & C
Graphing Notes: First choose a primary garden, then choose comparison gardens. The dataset from the primary garden must contain data for the comparison gardens to be graphed. Choose the set of gardens before clicking Graph. Gardens must be chosen before Plant IDs become available. If the graph does not reload automatically in the graph window, click Refresh Window in the graphing window. If the dates are overlapping and cannot be read in the graphing window, raise the Label ratio.
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