Instructions for Registering an Environmental Monitoring Site

How to gain access to an existing site?

An individual must be registered and assigned to a site to access database tables.

  1. User registers.
  2. The user contacts the website administrator and requests access to sites.
  3. The website administrator assigns the user to existing site(s).
  4. The user then has access to any projects/databases which are set up under those sites. 

How to register a new environmental monitoring site?

  1. User registers and logs on.
  2. The user registers a new site using this form below (You must be logged in to acess the form.)
  3. Then the website administrator contacts the member and ask them what programs they will need access to.
  4. The website administrator assign the new user and site to which ever programs they want access to (e.g. Salamanders, Water Quality Monitoring, etc.)
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