Students at Mammoth Cave participating in a dip netting study of a park pond
Students at Mammoth Cave participating in a dip netting study of a park pond
Credit: Alice Ahlfield

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Partner School: Barren County Schools

Partner Information: The Mammoth Cave National Park EE program works with over 20 local schools on a monthly basis. We have a partnership with 3 local school systems to provide summer EE camps to 4th - middle school students. Barren County, Edmonson County and Bowling Green School Systems all participate in these camps.

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The mission of the Mammoth Cave National Park Environmental Education office is to help people understand the interchange between the surface and underground ecosystem and the connection between people who visit the park and the rest of the world. The Environmental Education program provides educational opportunities to the youth of the local Kentucky region as well as students from all over the United States who visit with their schools and utilize the program. We hope that our program will help grow the next generation of park stewards.

The Mammoth Cave National Park EE programs are individually tailored to the needs of the teacher at that particular time.  We have 26 schools that we go to once a month during the school year for classroom programs.  Each program is custom designed according to what standards the teacher is teaching that month.  Our goal is to make sure the students learn about the standards in a fun and innovative way.  Between October 2016 and May 2017 we taught 21,986 students.  The EE rangers keep up to date on the newest versions of curriculums such as Project Wet and Project Underground and also peruse the web for exciting and hands-on STEM activities that we can incorporate into our EE visits.  Once a teacher books with us we send them a confirmation form where they put the standards they would like covered.  Our Ed techs look at what the teacher is wanting and then either uses a program that we already have or design a new program to add to those we already have based on the teacher needs.

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